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We can believe what we read, yet nothing becomes reality unless we ‘experience & absorb'. Lucy’s teaching comes from  PRACTICE  & the ‘HOW’ of what we do.

It comes from a perspective of how to explain a feeling, movement or dynamic sense to someone who may not be gaging such, in the moment. 

It comes from a source of patiencelistening.  Knowing that one day we may advance with the practice & another remain on a plateau of perfect necessity.

 It comes from a source of integration.  Of how we can link one physical body part to another, link the breath with movement, energy with direction & to feel both physically & energetically one whole form.

 It comes from connecting & expanding to source. 

To touch upon an unforced, effortless grace as we move & breath.

Of holding the stillness which predominantly lies beneath.

Force is not something she wishes to impose, yet with a subtle, light & playful approach, to encourage an attitude of strength'I can do'.

Words, which come to mind from her exploration & experience are:

§  Foundation

§  Settling

§  Listening

§  Surroundings

§  Dynamic vibration

§  Shifting

§  Expanding

§ Contracting

§  Stillness


As we drop into an humane unforced process of unfolding & softening , we can achieve heart to heart connection with others.



Lucy's path naturally & fluidly lead her to teach.  Only until later in, did she gain so much more from teaching. Appreciating the opportunity as an offering to give to others.  A invitation of guidance, to heighten awareness & find an individuals self sense of embodiment.  So followed, the attentiveness to hold space for those learning.

Through this cultivated attentiveness, she aims to open up the opportunity for each individual to flourish their potential & positivity.  To acknowledge their ability constructively & productively.  To see individual capability & play with personal boundary; testing the edge to a'rebound point' at which we explore or  find acceptance of our limit.  

The added gift of teaching is that of self-connection & guidance from a deeper source.  That source which allows the expression of words to flow & the movement & stillness to breath.






... came vibration, felt sense & empathetic communication.  Words can only describe so much, until we revert back to our feelings, energetic communication & empathetic expression.  Through regular practices of Yoga, Meditation & Bodywork, we can begin to re-discover & to tap into these hidden senses; flourishing into our innate state of consciousness.    

Whether our experiences are perceived as pleasure or pain, they lead us to something more valuable.  The modern mind has been conditioned to black & white, good & bad.  Through interweaving the Tantra of Kashmiri Shaivaism, we begin to shift our perspective.  Valuing our ‘unpleasant’ experiences as a launch pad into illumination.  Embracing the reality & fullness (Purnatva) of ‘that which is’ ever-existing.  

Holding the ability to tap into lightness & Ananda(bliss) everyday, we can amplify our experiences.  Transiently shifting according to nature & physiology. Cultivating an inner sense of appreciation, gratitude & compassion, only to yield into a more profound connection with others & our surroundings.

Intuitive Body does not seek toward enlightenment in the future.  Yet to become existent & balanced on this present day.  What will unfold will appear as & when ready.

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Always remembering the basics, no matter how advanced the practice can go. 


Connecting to blue print. 

Connecting to source. 

We have gotten lost into web of both complication & over-doing.  Simplicity can easily be forgotten. The pleasure of simplicity can be ditched in the pleasure search for something more.  Yet the cycle will always revert back to the fundamental; 

we wind up, we wind down.

Try, put effort, explore where you can go. Delve into the complex patterns of body & mind.  Yet amongst this, pace & recapture the foundations – find the stillness of your centre, the acceptance & contentment of the normally mundane.  

Presence & potential can then be born


Experiencing life living in Indonesia allowed Lucy the space & freedom to shift.  Moving from a ‘studied’ methodical approach of Asana Yoga to grasp more solid form of her true Yogic beliefs.  

Being surrounded by a strong volcanic energy & powerful healing waters, the main shift felt was from the Pitta, fire of a city approach, toward a Kapha, slower, grounded way of existing. Consequently, her practice & teaching tuned into true listening & her basis became:  

·      An acknowledgment to pitch into our bodies needs on specific days, rather than pushing through a particular ‘must do’ system. 

·      To innately feel when to through-play or draw back from the edge.

·      Finding the courage to stay true to our beliefs, yet grant an opening to explore or be challenged by these.  

·      Allow space and moments to sit in the seat of patience & observation - a time gap for our innate knowledge to foster.

·      From this space we can then take action. 

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As energetic beings, when we are exposed to the power of nature, we are able to sense the huge influence our environment has on the shaping of humanity.  Simultaneously, of how the power humanity strongly effects our environment.  It becomes more and more apparent how consciousness is an amazingly influential thing! 

§ As the Circadian Cycle takes course, so do we shift.  

§ As the Lunar cycle flows, so do we shift. 

§ As the Annual cycle turns, so do we shift……

§ Water being a potent part in this expression

Yoga can magnify our observation on the mat. Promoting an expansion in our awareness to our surroundings & the energetic effects of our cyclical environment.

This shift in awareness leading to manifestation of a positive, enriching collective consciousness. Shifting & changing together!

To communally unravel & create transition in our perspective, we see a whole new life emerges; an amplification of our potential, into a wider dimension. 


How much can we relate our present experiences to the whole?  The human mind tends to filter, personalize or relate to past experiences (Samskara’s).  It has a habit of contracting inward, which has the potential to create inner, personal conflict.  Sometimes forgetting the influences of Astrology, cycles of the Moon, Sound, Vibration, Weather, Physiology, Collective Consciousness.  All paying contribution toward our feelings & experiences.

If we can shift & expand our individual awareness through acknowledgement of these , we shift our perspective.  Enriching us to a unified, fuller outlook of the whole.

Flipping the coin between Yin & Yang:  People come into our lives to teach or remind us who we are, what we have, where we need to evolve, or where we need to let go.  Surroundings & Nature put us in touch with purity & the true essence of what we are.  The dance between the two fluctuates toward Clarity, via growth in consciousness & evolution, yet holding an anchoring to what we innately are.  We are on this Earth to be embodied, to embrace our full potential, our senses, our experiences & the beauty of what is. Shifting the mind toward such acknowledgment can flip the light from dark to bright.